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Carol has 35+ years of healthcare marketing experience in privately operated and publicly traded healthcare firms. Her expertise in marketing strategy and branding keeps campaigns strategically aligned with senior leader expectations. Carol was named one of 25 Women Who Mean Business by the Kansas City Business Journal in 2007 and honored among 2010 Influential Women by Kansas City Business magazine.

Entries by Carol Dobies, MBA

Hospital Advertising Strategies to Recapture Patient Volume During the Pandemic

The first six weeks of this pandemic cut patient volume in half for U.S. health systems. Now, six months in and counting, emergency rooms continue to see patient visits down by 25% due to consumer fears of COVID-19 transmission mixed with increased use of telehealth and other alternate care settings. While trends are definitely up […]

Leading the Way: What Every New Hospital CEO Needs to Know from the Marketing Team

One in four U.S. hospitals hires a new CEO every 3-4 years. That statistic, which comes from a 10-year study by the American College of Healthcare Executives, is a call to action. Why? Because rapid turnover at the executive level can have adverse effects on hospital relationships with key stakeholders like physicians, staff, board members, […]

The “3 Ds” of Strategy-First Marketing

Strategy-first – it’s the bedrock of our brand promise in healthcare marketing, branding and advertising. Why? Because when it comes to growth and success as a healthcare organization, strategy is essential. It is also complex and often misunderstood. What is strategy? First, let’s talk about what strategy is not. Despite some common misconceptions, strategy is […]

Advancing Rural Health: Seven Steps to Service Line Marketing Strategy

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing market challenges for rural health providers, as well as opportunities for innovation that emerge from creating an ecosystem of health via community partnerships and an emphasis on the value of primary care. With primary care alignment supporting the rural health ecosystem, critical access hospitals and rural […]

Advancing Rural Health: From Healthcare to Lifecare

Rural health systems are fertile grounds for innovation – that’s the consensus reached by healthcare executives at the Health:Further conference last month, and we couldn’t agree more. With declining populations compounded by challenges associated with provider shortages, governmental influences and rapidly advancing technologies, rural health systems should recognize and seize the opportunity to reinvent the […]

Changing your Corporate Identity: Top 3 Potential Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

Launching a new corporate identity (a.k.a. brand identity) signals to the market that something is different within your operations, strategy or positioning, or external environment. In healthcare, corporate identity changes are most often born from (a) environmental influences leading to changes in operations, or (b) new ownership—such as a merger or series of acquisitions—which frequently results […]