Apple a Day

Obesity is among the most serious threats to our nation’s youth. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has more than tripled since the 1970s. Data from 2015-16 show that 20.6% of young people ages 12-19 suffer from obesity.

A key factor in youth obesity is lack of access to fresh, wholesome foods. The link between poor nutrition and chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes is well known, and healthy diets are essential for our lifelong physical well-being.

As part of our company’s social purpose and Give-Join-Care initiative, our Apple a Day program aims to inspire better nutrition and address obesity rates in young people – one apple at a time.

In partnership with Natural Grocers, we are educating youth – as well as their families – on the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day, so they can begin to offset their risks for chronic diseases and obesity. Together, we:

  • GIVE: an apple to students in a sponsored school.
  • JOIN: with the school to host an interactive, age-appropriate educational session with a highly trained nutritional health coach on easy ways to make good eating choices.
  • CARE: for young people and their families by providing students with a healthy eating guide to take home and share.
Our vision is to put an apple in the hands
of every child – one small but powerful step
toward inspiring a lifetime of health.

healthy recipes everyone can enjoy

Click an image below to view the full recipe:

Picture of Salmon Dill Dip with Vegetables
Picture of No Bake Apple Cookies
Picture of Healthy Avocado Toast
Picture of a woman making a healthy smoothie

our commitment

Building on our social purpose, we bring schools and healthcare companies together to inspire healthy eating for students in fun and exciting ways:

  • Coordinate with schools for corporate sponsorship
  • Collaborate with Natural Grocers to:
    • Procure and deliver apples to the sponsored school
    • Present an interactive educational session with a nutritional health coach
  • Create a take-home guide for students on healthy eating choices, with suggestions and ideas
  • Encourage other health industry companies to work with us by volunteering to distribute apples at a sponsored school
  • Provide a unique volunteer opportunity for companies that aligns with the mission to inspire good nutritional choices among young people, their parents and families, and their teachers – those who serve as role models for youth across the country

To learn how your organization can get involved and inspire better health in the community, contact us.

Apple a Day is a Dobies Health Marketing BeCause initiative.