data-driven expertise

What is the number one driving force behind our success as a strategy-first healthcare marketing firm? Data. At Dobies Health Marketing, we dive deep into data and emerge with strategies that position your organization to succeed. Our certified health data analyst, together with our healthcare strategists and digital marketing teams, provide a wide range of data capture and analytics, including:

Data analytics

We prepare quarterly, annual and as-needed dashboards for tracking and analyzing web traffic, digital campaign results, Google ad performance, social media campaigns and more. We can also integrate your own data into our dashboards and analyses, packaging everything in an easy-to-follow format that includes our observations and recommendations for improving key drivers moving forward.

Market share analysis

Market share is a key indicator of market competitiveness, and we believe it is imperative to know how you stack up against your competition. We compile and analyze inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory utilization data to define the competitive landscape in a given market. Depending on the data available, we are able to drill down to a granular view of your market and define utilization by facility, provider, service line, diagnoses and procedure codes. These views are beneficial for your competitive positioning and strategic planning, particularly when looking for areas of improvement or service line growth opportunities.

Survey development and analysis

In collaboration with Qualtrics, an industry-leading online survey platform, we develop, execute and analyze market and preference surveys to inform segmentation of certain target groups. We can work with your current participant list or through Qualtrics to acquire a panel of respondents within your target audience. Our team manages all aspects of the survey process seamlessly, including survey design, review, promotion, implementation, analysis and reporting.

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