case study: competitive market intelligence for hospitals


rising above the noise of competitors

Hospitals and health systems in large metropolitan markets share a world of fierce competition. For our client – a well-known, market-leading, Texas-based academic health system – market competition spans multiple metro areas in the Lone Star State. With small to large hospitals, independent facilities and even larger regional/national systems in the mix, these competitive advertising landscapes can be cluttered and noisy as each enterprise vies for consumer attention to grow market share and drive service line volumes.

In total, the players in those DMAs spend more than $30 million/year in advertising through television, digital media, outdoor, radio and other channels. As a market leader, our client represents a significant portion of that annual expenditure.


the need for one comprehensive tool

Supporting such a large portion of the total market spend requires the ability to monitor and analyze a great deal of competitive activity. For years our client relied on disparate and raw reports representing only a portion of their competitive landscape and spending data. They spent time and money to purchase creative samples where possible, and supplemented reporting with their own research as time and personnel resources permitted.

They found digital spend and creative samples were difficult to acquire, particularly across their multiple DMAs. Ultimately, their largely manual processes for collecting and synthesizing information were time-consuming, limited and inconsistent. They needed a more accurate and efficient solution to seeing their market holistically.

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share of voice drives share of market

Our client’s marketing leadership understood those challenges, as well as the proven principle that share of voice drives share of market. In fact, excess share of voice in the range of 10 percent increases market share by one point, making it critical to sustainable long-term growth. As a top-three health system in all three DMAs, our client needed a better way to monitor and evaluate competitive activity, spending levels and creative samples to learn where to best leverage resources and messaging.


soviews+, meaningful insight to guide your hospital advertising strategies

Dobies Health Marketing created a custom soviews+ portal for this health system. The market research it includes spans three DMAs, with updated, current data reports provided every quarter – a testament to the value of the information and how it is delivered. The secure soviews+ portal synthesized a 12-month, $30 million market into an easily consumable report for our client. Included in each report:

Share of voice analysis featuring the top eight (8) health systems/hospitals, representing nearly 70 percent of market expenditures

Deep-dive profiles on the top five (5) adult acute care health systems as determined by the share of voice analysis. Each profile shows the advertising expenditures and creative assets, including the most up-to-date data on:

  • Advertising investments
  • Share of voice
  • Media mix
  • Top sites for digital media placement
  • Marketing focus for that reporting period
  • Assessment of each message platform against top consumer drivers
  • Creative assets categorized by service line

Easy-reference summaries of key findings and insights related to market data and competitor profiles

With new reports each quarter, this client says they find it much easier to identify trends in real time and make prompt, effective changes in competitive marketing efforts. This has included service line strategies, campaigns and significant shifts in media spend.

compete with confidence

timely data and real creative

The ideal solution for turnkey access to comprehensive competitive media market intelligence – complete with customizable, presentation-ready dashboards – soviews+ delivers the precise, data-driven intelligence hospital and health system marketers need. soviews+ enables the smart business marketing decisions that hospital growth relies upon.

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surprisingly affordable

We leverage national contracts, so costs are spread across major U.S. markets. soviews+ subscriptions average $23,000 per year ($5,900 quarterly after one-time set up fees of $14,000), which gives our clients secure access to timely and accurate competitive intelligence at a highly competitive price.

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