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soviews+ is an interactive competitive media market profile tool designed exclusively for hospitals and health systems. This subscription-based service provides access to specialized insights and comprehensive analysis on your competitors’ advertising initiatives. More than just data visualization, soviews+ offers an analysis of top drivers, key messages, and more – empowering you to make strategic, data-driven market decisions to compete with confidence. With a single click to your client portal, soviews+ lets you view and compare the data and creative assets for your top five competitors in key national markets.


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Brought to you by Dobies Health Marketing, soviews+ is your source for meaningful insights to guide your hospital’s advertising strategies. We bring decades of healthcare marketing, branding and advertising expertise to every client and every project. This experience, coupled with reliable data and a solid reputation for excellence, drives powerful results to your organization.


With intelligence that goes well beyond traditional media investment reports, soviews+ combines a detailed ad spend analysis with multimedia creative samples across your local landscape. The result is the most comprehensive competitive media market profile of its kind, customized to your market.


See your competitions’ latest advertising campaigns to learn what they are promoting and how they’re promoting it. For most markets, soviews+ collects current creative samples for spot TV, print, digital, video, mobile web and mobile app advertising. Full TV spots and videos can be played within your secure client portal.


You will receive a unique password for secure access to your online soviews+ market profiles and creative samples. Profiles are clean and simple to navigate, empowering you with competitive market intelligence that is actionable and presentation-ready for your next C-suite or board meeting.


Prepare to operate from a position of strength by knowing what, when and how much your competition is advertising. soviews+ evaluates each competitor’s marketing focus and messaging strategies, matching them against top consumer drivers to identify the spaces they are claiming in your local market.


soviews+ includes the top five competitors in your market. Each hospital or health system is profiled to identify its footprint in your local market and the primary focus of its advertising strategies (such as promoting new facilities or differentiating services lines).


We collect data from primary research and secondary resources to provide the most accurate view of your market’s hospital advertising landscape. soviews+ can also integrate your institutional data, such as awareness, preference data and market share.


soviews+ collects each competitor’s reported advertising spend in multiple media channels. We use this information to calculate each organization’s share of voice and unique media mix, so you know where and how much each competitor is investing in media resources.


The focus of hospital advertising changes throughout each year, so your annual subscription to soviews+ includes quarterly reporting. Each report delivers specialized insight that empowers you to make informed decisions about your advertising strategies.

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