About Julie Amor, MHA

Having spent 30 years elevating healthcare brands, Julie is a highly esteemed healthcare executive and business leader. She was the lead hospital representative in establishing The University of Kansas Hospital academic medical center brand and developing its market-leading cardiovascular and oncology service lines. She also led the marketing and communication strategy that contributed to The University of Kansas Cancer Center’s NCI designation in 2012, as well as overall health system branding and marketing efforts.

Entries by Julie Amor, MHA

Win the Battle for Share of Voice and Market Share Growth

Data-driven insights are critical for strategic decisions on hospital advertising For hospital advertising, it takes more than creative concepts to produce long-term results. Especially now, as hospitals resume and reshape their 2020 advertising plans in the wake of monumental disruption, strategy remains a crucial part of the equation. As studies have shown, share of voice […]

Is Advanced TV in Your Media Plan? How to Safeguard Share of Voice this Political Season

Right now it is understandable that COVID-19 coverage is dominating the airwaves (and likely your own communications, too). But when that subsides, we will still find ourselves in the midst of an attention-grabbing election year. Huge coffers of political ad dollars will be dispatched to command as much share of voice in your market as […]

Top 5 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

When asked about their top concerns for 2019, most healthcare executives say they need innovative ways to connect with consumers, demonstrate value, use data effectively and keep people healthy. In response, many thought leaders are publishing predictions for 2019 in healthcare and healthcare marketing. I know what you’re thinking: So many lists but so little […]

Creating Healthier Brands: What is the Difference Between Brand Identity and Brand Image?

To refresh or revitalize your brand, your organization faces some important decision points up front. Do you want to change your brand identity (appearance), your brand image (personality), or both? As president of a healthcare marketing, branding and advertising firm, I often hear the terms “brand identity” and “brand image” used interchangeably. While these two […]

The Power of Corporate Merchandise: What the Right Promotional Items Can Do for Your Healthcare Brand

Do you call it swag? Do you dismiss them as tchotchkes? Or do you recognize promotional merchandise as a tangible manifestation of your brand that offers meaningful and valuable engagement with your customer base? You should. As president of a healthcare marketing firm, clients often ask me if consumers value promotional items. The data suggest […]

Advancing Rural Health: Promoting the Value of Primary Care

As we continue our series on Advancing Rural Health, we recognize rural Americans experience a unique combination of factors that create disparities in healthcare not found in urban areas. This market environment creates the need for innovative thinking and a strong connection with the community that fosters better health. In our strategy work with rural […]

Advancing Rural Health: Addressing Market Challenges

As we begin our September blog series on Advancing Rural Health, it’s helpful to think about the challenges faced by healthcare providers and patients in America’s small-town communities. As shown in the chart below, rural Americans experience a unique combination of factors that create disparities in healthcare not found in urban areas. Market forces such […]